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Design of the Runway

I have been involved with motorbikes for over 40 years ,as you get wiser your bikes to seem get bigger.

From mopeds, to Harleys, Hondas to Triumphs my latest addition being the Triumph Rocket 3. Few of the bigger bikes have a reverse gear which helps some what in a tight space and especially if you have small legs!

I found through many motorcycle forums that there is a problem with bikers turning there bikes around on their drives or even in their garages. In tight spaces, if the ground is wet or icy your legs could slip under you and the bike would follow gravity to the ground resulting in costly repairs and or injuries to the rider.

I looked at dolly’s on the market to try and resolve my own personal issue and the first problem I cam across was the width of the track was not wide enough for the bigger bike. The weight of the bike was also a problem. The wight of my bike would bend the dolly. Then there were the quality and ease of use issues. The wheels that came with the dolly were only really suited for very smooth surfaces , like tiled floors. Now I can only assume that my garage floor is similar to most garages around the country and it certainly doesn’t have a smooth, glossy surface but a rough concrete finish. Spinning the dolly on this surface or even outside, I found that they would get stuck in a rut and cause the bike to sway sideways and when trying to turn the bike in a 360 degree circle, it move would also move forwards, backwards, left and right; sometimes uncontrollably!

Many larger bikes only have a side stands so the·other products out there such as dinner plate size centre stand turntables were not capable.

So I went back to the drawing board and with our own designers employed, we set about making our own motorcycle turntable, taking into consideration what I had learned from the motorbike forums and from my fellow biker friends.

My initial idea was that I needed a turntable that would work on most surfaces, replace the casters with a better pivoting mechanism and to allow the bike to turn 360 degree with ease. Now my garage isn’t particularly large and therefore space was a premium. I also needed to be able to drive over the turntable in a car as well.

Also I wanted it to work in all weathers and temperatures to avoid rusting and seizing.

It was important that it also looked aesthetically pleasing so it wasn’t an eyesore if used outside or in professional garages. I wanted it to last and so I we wanted to use the best materials out there.

After sharing several design concepts within my biker community, I listened to other bike riders who made some valuable suggestions which I have also included in thed esign such as anchor points to be able to secure the bike to the turntable when they were away from the property and inspection lights both sides of the track so you can now work hands free on your bike without holding a torch or swinging lamp hooked on the bikes handle bars. The lights we have come up with are bright enough to carry out the jobs you need to do at any time. This is where the name for the turntable came from – Runway!

We pride ourselves on the motorbike turntable being designed and made in great Britain with a 1 year guarantee on non-moving parts*. As a company, we pride ourselves of customer service, we have a dedicated hotline to answer any questions that you might have.

 *Subject to normal where and tear (not transferable).

You don’t want a turntable to do this to your floor.