NEW Lightweight Turntable & Mobility Turntable

We have been slimming down our standard turntable to produce a new lighter model. The turntable is made from 6mm aluminium with a checker plate finish is 2 metres long and 1 meter in diameter is very easy to use with motorbikes with side or centre stands. Like all our turntables, this spins 360o in both directions and pivots effortlessly on a solid bearing ring. The turntable can be used with or without the stabilising wheels on either end. Although, for longer bikes, we would recommend using them. Please call us for advice on how to use this turntable with your motorcycle.

We’ve also now added a shorter and wider option perfect for electric wheel chairs and mobility scooters. This turntable is designed to proved greater disabled access and is 24″ (600mm) wide to 63″ (1600mm) long and just 2.5″ (60mm) high. The turntable includes ridges either side of the ramp to aide manoeuvrability both on and off.

Like all our turntables, these are both fabricated and assembled in the UK.

View our recent videos opposite of both the Lightweight Turntable and the Mobility Turntable.

For any questions, please contact us.

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