The new mobility turntable is a rectangular 600mm wide platform available in a variety of lengths (1600mm, 1760mm, 1920mm and 2080mm) that very easily rotates on the same high quality, robust bearing system as our motorbike turntables. The turntable spins 360o in both directions to improve disabled access for people with electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

The lightweight platform is made 6mm aluminium with a checker plate finish with ridges either side of the ramp to aide manoeuvrability both on and off the turntable.

All our motorcycle turntables are fabricated and assembled in the UK.

Ramps are optional extras priced at £75 each.

The turntable is also available in longer sizes. For more information or to order one of the larger sizes, please contact us.

View the Mobility Turntable in action