The ‘Moto-mat‘ enables you to rotate your motorcycle up to 360 degrees which is extremely helpful if your motorbike is kept within a confined space. The Moto-mat was developed as an entry level turntable after years of struggling to find a robust and effective turn-table at an “entry level” price.

This Moto-mat has the addition of an extremely sturdy and versatile scissor jack. The scissor jack is able to lift 300kg.

The Moto-mat comes with adjustable legs or with the option of wheels.

Please check the width of your bike stand before ordering the 18″ Moto-mat. The Moto-mat is for bikes with a centre stand.

The turntable is also available in 20″, 24″, 28″, 32″, and 40″. The latter capable of taking a weight up to 500kg. For more information or to order one of the larger sizes, please contact us.