Introducing our new entry level motorbike turntable. The ‘Moto-mat’ enables you to rotate your motorcycle up to 360 degrees which is extremely helpful if your motorbike is kept within a confined space.

The Moto-mat was developed as an entry level turntable after years of struggling to find a robust and effective turn-table at an “entry level” price. The Moto-mat uses a fully serviceable 46cm ball bearing race and has a 42cm diameter treat plate platform.

The turntable has been designed with heat treated replaceable feet to keep the solid base off the floor so minor irregularities in the floor won’t affect the performance or the turning. The overall height if the Moto-mat turntable is just 25mm and makes lifting your bike onto the stand straight forward.The turntable measures 18″ diameter and can take the weight of up to 300kg.

Please check the width of your bike stand before ordering the 18″ Moto-mat. The Moto-mat is for bikes with a centre stand.