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Showcase Turntable


The Tower Showcase turntable comes in 3 standard main sizes.

2000mm diameter
2200mm diameter
2400mm diameter

Larger or smaller sizes can be designed and fabricated on request. Please contact us if you would like a quote.

The Showcase Turntable is a must have for displays, exhibitions and private collections.  It comes either with manual spinning operation or complete with motorised rotation controlled via a remote  control.

As standard the Showcase comes with a mild steel skirt and painted matt black. This can be upgraded to a chequer plate or can be completely customised. For customisation, please contact us.

The technical features of the Showcase Turntable are:

  • Available in 2000mm, 2200mm, 2400mm diameters
  • 3 Phase Electric Motor
  • 25:1 Ration Fitted Gearbox
  • Electrical control box included on/off power and emergency stop buttons and inverter for speed control. Must be fitted to nearby wall.
  • Fitted remote control sensor
  • Keyfob remote controller to start, stop, adjust speed and direction of rotation
  • 5 Year Warranty on motor
  • Optional lighting can also be fitted. Please contact us for details.

Please note: the electric motor has a low emitting noise, this is just normal. A noise cancelling soundbox is also available.
Important: All motorised turntables must be bolted to a solid, flat floor for safety reasons.


Add a standard showcase ramp


Have your Runway powder coated in a RAL colour of your choice. Simply check the box and we will be in touch to find out the RAL colour you would like.

Motor Soundbox

Warranty * 

This product comes with a 12 month parts & labour warranty* For full warranty information, please click here. You can also choose our extended warranty.
*Call out charges apply.


The luxury Showcase Turntable is designed to showcase all types of motorcycles whether its in a shop window or in the centre of your store. The turntable is also ideal for using in photoshoots to allow images to be taken seamlessly from the one spot whilst effortlessly turning the motorcycle on the turntable.

The Showcase Turntable comes in 3 diameters: 2000mm, 2200mm and 2400mm. The larger turntable can handle two motorbikes at once and up to 2 tonnes in weight. Each Showcase comes with the option for led “showcase” lighting and automated turning with remote control.

The Showcase is designed and constructed in the UK from the highest quality materials. For the ultimate in turntables, the Showcase can also be installed in the ground so the platform is at ground level.

Not just for motorcycles

Our Showcase Turntable is extremely versatile and can be used across many industries including cars, fashion, exhibitions and entertainment where showcasing products or having a customised, safe rotating platform is essential. The images above show a recent installation for the fitness industry.

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