The NEW Showcase Turntable

From £2,900

The long awaited luxury Showcase Turntable has arrived. This turntable is designed to showcase all types of motorcycles whether its in a shop window or in the centre of your store. The turntable is also ideal for using in photoshoots to allow images to be taken seamlessly from the one spot whilst effortlessly turning the motorcycle on the turntable.

The Showcase Turntable comes in 3 diameters: 2000mm, 2500mm and 2700mm. The larger turntable can handle two motorbikes at once and up to 2 tonnes in weight. Each Showcase comes with the option for led “showcase” lighting and automated turning with remote control.

The Showcase is designed and constructed in the UK from the highest quality materials. For the ultimate in turntables, the Showcase can also be installed in the ground so the platform is at ground level.

Prices start from £2,900.
For more information and pricing please contact us.