Showrooms & garages

Our turntables are a great solution for motorbike garages. The turntable allows you to highlight your featured bikes to great effect with the addition of lighting to really make those new bikes dazzle.

They also allow for easy bike inspection. The effortless motion of the turntable allows you to work on bikes with both hands whilst the bike remains sturdy and secure on the runway.

Each ramp is available with a powder coated finish. We have a selection of colours available on our website. However, we are also able to powder coat the runways in a colour of your choice to match your brand. Please contact us for details.

Coming soon

We already have a range of additional ramps and accessories in development including:

Runway led lighting

We’re developing our runways to have the option of led lights embedded into the runway. This will provide additional lumination and enhance your bikes aesthetics. This will be perfect for bike showrooms and garages.

Quads and trikes

We realise that it is not just motorbikes that are hard to turn. It is also difficult to manoeuvre quad bikes and trikes in tight spaces. We are in the process of developing our standard runway to cater for this three and four wheel machines.