Specifications & Accessories


Each Motorcycle Turntable Runway comes as standard with the following features:

  • Designed and made in Great Britain
  • Comes with a 360o turning circle
  • Constructed from mild steel and tested on weights up to 450kg
  • Security anchor point at front and back to lock motorcycle into place
  • Can be used on most surfaces due to a central bearing system
  • Fluid spinning (i.e. it doesn’t get caught on rough ground making it unstable)
  • Oil and skid resistant
  • Compact design allowing cars to drive over
  • Designed to work indoors and outdoors without rusting
  • Lifetime guarantee on bearings
  • 2 Year Guarantee on on fabrication (subject to normal wear and tear)
  • Locks at 180o
  • Never need to back your motorbike out again
  • Handles most bikes, makes and models. Contact us for details.
  • Can be used with side stand and main stand. If you have a main stand you will require an additional slipper (£65.00)
  • Available in 3 lengths


We have a range of accessories and upgrades available to add to your motorcycle Runway:


Our flexible battery powered LED lights give you the ability to move the lights around the circulat deck of the Runway. The lights also move up and down, tilt and rotate so you can position the lights to illuminate the areas of the bike you are working on.

Anchor Points

Anchor allow you to securely lock your bike to the ramp making it much harder for theives to take your motorcycle. Runways can be fitted with up to 2 anchor points. Each anchor is made from stainless steel, powder coated and welded to the ramp.


The turntable comes with a single ramp as standard and can upgrade your package to include two ramps.


You have the option to upgrade the flat painted mild steel to a mild steel with angled chequer plate or mild steel with Aluminium angled chequer plate. The chequer plates offer added grip and heavy duty aesthetics.


The ramps can also be powder coated in a colour of your choice. For simplicity, we have introduced a range of colours for you to choose from. However, if you have a particular colour or combination of colours you would like to include, please contact us for more details.

Laser Cut Logo

For complete personalistion, you can also choose to have your logo, favourite football team logo or any logo laser cut into the base of the turntable.


For bikes that have a centre stand, it is important that you include a slipper with your turntable. The slipper bridges the runway giving a solid, stable platform for your stand.

Coming soon

We already have a range of additional ramps and accessories in development including:

Runway led lighting

We’re developing our runways to have the option of led lights embedded into the runway. This will provide additional lumination and enhance your bikes aesthetics. This will be perfect for bike showrooms and garages.

Quads and trikes

We realise that it is not just motorbikes that are hard to turn. It is also difficult to manoeuvre quad bikes and trikes in tight spaces. We are in the process of developing our standard runway to cater for this three and four wheel machines.